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Crystal Bay, for Snorkeling & Diving at Nusa Penida


Tourism Object Crystal Bay Nusa Penida is the destination of cheap tour packages to Nusa Penida which is suitable for diving activities. Crystal Bay is famous as a spot diving and snorkeling, its presence is targeted by the tourists, both domestic and foreign. In addition to Crystal Bay there are many snorkeling spots in Nusa Penida one of them is Manta Point. If you have diving skills, try to explore the underwater world of Crystal Bay.

It is recommended professional divers to dive at Crystal Bay. Because of the surrounding diving spots, ocean currents are so strong and move vertically or horizontally. Visiting Crystal Bay with cheap tour packages to Nusa Penida is the right choice. Because, you can vacation at affordable prices. Know yuk, what can be gotten from Obje Nusa Penida tour cheap Crystal Bay this!

Attractives Beach of Crystal Bay Nusa Penida
The beach is called Crystal Bay is because the water is very clear. It’s so clear you can watch the marine biota passing by. Sometimes they hide behind coral reefs. Nice view of course. By coming to one of the destinations of cheap tour packages to Nusa Penida this is the right way to get the peace. Because the atmosphere is so calm, peaceful, cool and beautiful coral island.

Some tourists rent fishing boats owned by local residents to be able to see the beauty of the sea from Crystal Bay. Maybe for those of you who like the sea, following Nusa Penida 1 day tour package will not be enough. Down the sea by boat gives an impression on the heart. You can eliminate all the problems in mind and make the body more relaxed. From Crystal Bay, you can see the sightings of the island of Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan.

Privileged Tourist Attractions Crystal Bay Nusa Penida
To see the natural scenery of Crystal Bay Nusa Penida perfectly, climb to the top of the hill. In addition to vent snorkeling or diving hobby, you can also fishing there. It would be nice if you can feel the strike of a large fish-ikn in the ocean of Crystal Bay. The sand is soft white, perfect for sunbathing. In the middle there is a coral island that complements its privileges.

Coral island is as if breaking the waves before getting to the shoreline. The location of the beach that jutted into the mainland, making it protected by large waves pounding. The right and left protected the hill and the cliffs. If the afternoon, you can see the sunset when in the object of Nusa Penida this cheap tour.

Location and Access of Crystal Bay Nusa Penida
The location of Crystal Bay Nusa Penida is located in Penida Bay, Banjar Penida, Sakti Village, Nusa Penida Sub-district, Klungkung Regency, Bali. about 15 km from the port of Sampalan Nusa Penida or for a 20 minute journey. Tour object cheap tour packages to Nusa Penida is quite easy to find because it is getting famous. Usually residents around to put the direction toward the tourist objects. But, if you do not want to trouble or stray, can follow Nusa Penida package tour only cheap.

Because later you will be guided by an experienced tour guide from Nusa Penida Best Tour. You can choose Nusa Penida 1 day tour package or other package at nusapenida-adventure.com. Take your friends and loved ones with you. So, can feel the joint excitement.

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